AKW A+V Laborant: Moveable Hydrocyclone Test Bench

AKW A+V Laborant

Moveable Hydrocyclone Test Bench

The AKW A+V laborant is a test device for the classification of suspensions with the use of hydrocyclones. The apparatus is equipped with a feed tank (pump sump) and a divided collecting tank for the underflow and overflow of the hydrocyclone.
A pump and the associated connecting pipes, valves and pressure gauges constitute the rest of the laborant.
The device is manufactured in a compact design with robust metal construction and can be put into operation immediately after installation. It is a fully equipped test device, which saves long preparatory work during the execution of the test.

Our range of laborants are readily usable and can handle batches up to 150 liters of suspended slurry, without additional reservoirs.

To extend the trial period, for example to try different operating conditions, the slurry batch can be circulated. However, combined with the adequate storage vessels, the laborant can also be operated in a continuous running configuration, plugged-in on the side stream of a production for instance. The feeding of the pre-screened raw suspension takes place in the open collecting tank.

The laborant can optionally be equipped with two hydrocyclones of different types, in order to carry out comparative tests. They are available for sale as well as for renting, out of our state-of-the-art technical laboratory.


Main Components Parts of the Laborant


Did you know that AKW Equipment + Process Design also sells and rents its unique Laborant?

Depending on the application, requirements, processing tasks, input and desired output material, our experts can help and guide you in order to select the most suitable Laborant type from our offer range.


The Laborant Series

Type Tank capacity (litres) Pump type Typical use Typical feed size (mm) Equipped with hydrocyclones (ø in mm) Features (beside the robust stainless steel structure and tank)


ZLF 30


30 L Tank pump For abrasive material <0,2 (0,5) 35/50 Simple design, long pump lifetime, low tech version

Mild steel

30 L Standard water pump For material of normal hardness range <0,2 (0,5) 35/50 Economical version

Ideal for university tests, labs (QC, developments, …) Stainless steel


ZLF 50

50 L Standard water pump For fine material of normal hardness range <0,2 (0,5) 35/50 Splashing protection

Specific sampling system

Stainless steel

50 L Heavy duty pump For abrasive material <0,2 (0,5) 35/50/75 Splashing protection

Specific sampling system

Stainless steel


ZLF 150

150 L Heavy duty pump For abrasive material <0,2 (0,5) 35/50/75/100 Splashing protection

Sampling via pipes

For pilot scale tests

Recent design update

Stainless steel

Whether rented or purchased:
Take advantages of processing equipment which the specialists use!


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